Top 5 Most Amazing Glass Artist

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From the ancient times, there have been quite a number of amazing glass blowing artists around the world. Many new talented artists enter the industry each year with new creativity while the veterans continue to keep the standards high. This makes it difficult to rank various artists against each other since nearly everyone has excelled in one way or the other. However, there are those who have had a significant contribution towards the development of the art. Below are some of the top artists who have had a difference in their unique approaches to glass blowing, their collections of their work, the material they have written on the subject and awards won among the many other attributes they have excelled in.

Daley Chihuly

He is probably the most celebrated glass artist of our times. If you could ask anyone who has knowledge on glass blowing to name one artist they know, one of the names that you are most likely to hear is Chihuly. Apart from this, his work speaks a lot of volumes and often characterized by the resemblance of large-scale sculptures. His collection is found in famous places like University of Wisconsin, Rockefeller Center, and various museums among others. Although he had some setback occasioned by series of accidents that cripple his eyesight, it did not kill his ingenuity. He has made a fortune out of his artistic talent and mentored many.

William Morris
This is another name that has had a significant impact in the industry. He got into the art because of the environment he was exposed to. He was working with Pilchuck Glass School as a truck driver. Such an environment encouraged him to learn the art of glass blowing and from then he has grown into the person he is today. Most of his work was inspired by the ancient civilization and is largely present in many museums around the world. He officially retired from the trade in 2007.

Lino Tagliapietra

He is one of the few ancient glass blowing artist that contributed to the success of the new generation of artists. Lino was born and grew up in the famous Italian island of Murano. This island is synonymous with glass blowing dating back to ancient times. This is one of the reasons that influence him to become an artist and excelled at it. He trained to be a glass artist at the age of 12. So, by the time he was in his 20s he was a top artist. He has been a teacher and inspiration to many and his work is found in various art galleries and museums across the world.

Sidney Hutter
He is one of the modern-day glass artists that their work continues to inspire. He is known for his original sculptural glass vessels. Most of his work is three dimensional and is influenced by architectural art. You will find Sidney’s work in Museums, private and public organizations, notably the white House Craft Collection.

Fritz Driesbach

This is another legend that has had a tremendous impact on the glass blowing art. He is one of the pioneers of the American Studio Glass Movement. He is both a teacher of the art and an artist recognized for his long-standing teaching career (35 years). He has been honored for his lifetime achievements in the field. His collections spread all over the world mainly in museums in the US as well as overseas in Germany, England, Netherlands, and Denmark.