The Art and Craft of Glass Blowing

Glass blowing is a delightful old art that is used to make various spectacular objects. It has, however, remained relatively unknown to the general population. One might wonder what sort of genius can blow human breath through a metal tube to form a bubble inside a molten blob of glass. It can seem mysterious at the same time magical especially considering the final product. The final products are bongs and pipes. Where can I buy cool glass hand pipes? The answer is order glass bong or pipe online.

Glass blowing is somehow practical at the same time has a Zen feeling. It can also become an art when a glassblower applies some creative concepts to his or her pieces. This artwork involves blowing a small amount of air into a molten blob or glass bubble (parison). To achieve this, a glass blower dips a glass blowing pipe into the molten glass while manipulating using art to form different shapes and designs.

It takes years to master the technique or the art of glass blowing and it can be challenging but it is very rewarding to those committed to learning. For anyone to be a prolific glass blower, they need to enroll in a university or college that offer training on glass blowing. One such school is Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. It was co-founded by one of the best glass blowers Daley Chihuly. Others colleges include University of Michigan, Boise State University, the University of Texas at Arlington, and Rochester Institute of Technology. Glass museums, as well as glass art studios, also offer training on glass blowing. Most of the artists take it as a hobby, but it could also be a very rewarding career such as being glass blower for scientific equipment.
There are two major blowing techniques: free blowing and mold blowing.

Free blowing – It has a long history and has been used since the earliest periods of glass blowing. The technique was used by the Murano glass blowers during the 1st Century but it is still popular among some glass artist. This technique involves a blower, using a blow pipe, breath through a blow pipe some puff of air into the molten glass. To create a variety of shapes, the blower will try to expand the bubble of glass by swinging, pinching, or other manipulations using an assortment of tools.

Mold Blowing – With mold blowing, the glass blower breath some puff of air into molten glass into some a mold (made of wood or metal). So, the final shape of the product is dependent on the how the mold is designed. The molds can be either single piece mold or two-piece mold. Single piece molds allow you to pull out the glass from the top of the mold while for two piece molds allow for more sophisticated designs.

Glass Blowing Equipment

There are varieties of equipment that are needed for glass blowing and they vary according to the kind of products you intend to create. They include torches, fuel regulators, horses, as well as the several attachments like graphite shield, tweezers, and paddles which allow you to shape and handle the molten glass. Fireboard is a good choice to use on the wall behind the kiln and on the surface of the workbench. There are many others that will help you in various ways including nippers, grabbers, bead mandrels, and the right glass tubes.
Indeed, art and craft of glass blowing will remain a fascinating area. Glass blowing is still being used by various artists around the world to make different beautiful products that we use every day. This art seems to be timeless. It will, therefore, remain valuable going into the future.