Evolution in the Design of Glass Pipes

Over the years, the art of glass making hasn’t changed much but what has evolved over this time is the design, shape, and usage of different glass pipes. Today, there are different types of glass pipes and glass bongs in the market with varying sophistication in terms of designs, colors, styles, and usage. This can be attributed to the increasing number of innovative artists with varying experience and talents.

The current glass pipes are becoming better in quality and durability each successive year. There is an increasing number of sophisticated and high-quality pipes available to everyone today. These pipes are more developed with appealing and functional aesthetic, quite different from the glass pipe we knew earlier. Artists have adopted new techniques to create a plethora of colored glass pipes.

The new sophisticated in design, shape, and functionality of glass pipes and glass bongs come at a cost. It might appear pricier for quite a number of smokers but they are worth every penny spent. The artists have added honeycomb shape to the glasses which make them exceptional.

The blending of colors or weaving strand of colors has made it possible for artists to add unique patterns to the glasses. They achieve this through pressing a hot glass against the powdered or colored glass for it to blend while rehashing several rounds. They can also etch some design into a tempered piece using a sandblaster to show the different layers.

There has been a big difference in terms of glass pipe usage that has also come with the designs. Nowadays, the traditional water and hand pipes are not the majority of what you will find in any typical smoke shop. Some of the new ones are designed for different concentration.

Over the recent years, there have been increasing number of specialist artists as well as the collaborations of various artists in the creation of pipes. You may find that one artist may be creating a piece while the other one is etching the same piece. If this trend continues, we can expect more changes going into the future.