Customizing Your Glass Bong

When you customize your glass bong you are making it uniquely yours while at the same time expressing your personality. There are many stores and glass makers that allow you to order customized glass bongs. It might take a while to deliver your order but you will receive a piece that is done to your likings.

Most of the stores or glass makers will allow you to select among customizable glass bongs. They come in a variety of shapes, designs, styles and colors. Once you have selected your piece they will personalize it with your own writing or a simple picture. For instance, you can have your birthday, name, numbers, school name, favorite sports team and any other inscriptions you like. The fact that customization is normally done on the narrower part of the glass bong, it might not be easy to inscribe some difficult or complex symbols like logos. Before you can make any kind of order it is appropriate to inquire the kind of personalization they can manage.

In addition to the above, you also need to specify the location of the customization while doing your order. This is mainly on the tube part of the glass bong as the base is so thin. You can find some that can inscape your writing around the perimeter. Apart from this, you also need to specify if you want your writing to be from left to right, on the mouthpiece etc. Choosing the colors is also what you need to pay attention to. They may have few colors so you might have to choose from what they have or find the supplier that has colors you like.

Ordering your customer glass bong

To make an order, you can either visit the store or factory that make and sell the glasses or conduct your transaction online. They will provide you with a form to fill your details how you want to appear on your bong then complete the buying process. Just in case you need to make any inquiries you can do so before buying or if you have already ordered you can contact them with any changes or inquiries you may have.

Most glass suppliers will charge you based on the number of letters or pictures you want to be inscribed. After that, you will have to wait for at least a week to receive your order. You can also customize glass bong for a friend with his or her name and present it as a gift.